Residential Window Replacement in Panama City, FL

Repair, Replacement,  Remodel & New Construction

Glass is a fundamental component of any home. Windows let in sunlight, providing light and warmth, and they provide a wonderful view. Glass showers are an affordable luxury for any home. Mirrors serve a vital role every morning. Glass can be used in walls, tables, shelves, doors, and virtually any fixture in your home. That said, a glass installation needs to be well built and carefully installed.

Here at Area Glass, we provide residential window replacement, repair, remodel, and construction services to homes in and around Panama City, FL. If you’d like to add a premium glass installment to your home, give us a call at 850 - 215 - 4527. As a family-owned and -operated company dedicated to serving the community, our window replacement and design services are sure to please.

Showers and Mirrors

The washroom is often the source of the most glass in the home. With glass showers, glass mirrors, and often additional glass fixtures, these rooms are typically centered on glass installments. This makes sense, as glass is naturally waterproof and easy to clean.

A glass shower is uniquely challenging. Since the shower should keep as much water inside as possible, the walls and doors need to be watertight. The metal fixtures, such as hinges and handles, need to be incredibly rust-resistant. Additionally, mirrors needs to resist condensation and display a clear reflection.

Specialty Glass

Glass is a versatile substance that can perform almost any function you need. Walls and railings, when made of glass, can make a room far more spacious. Glass furniture and wall hangings create a stylish modern aesthetic for any room. Glass also works great in kitchens, since it’s easy to keep clean and sterile.

Glass is a great choice for outdoor installments, such as on boats or as decoration on the exterior of a building. Naturally weatherproof, glass will help you enjoy the sights of nature — and we’ll make sure the glass is sturdy enough to withstand the elements.